Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's wrong with American Liberty Alliance?

The real, down-to-Earth grassroots Americans behind American Liberty Alliance, which itself is behind and numerous other astroturf sites. Because they're not all just a bunch of former Republican congressional staffers, Republican operatives, noted conservative pundits as well as Republican PR/Marketing gurus. Really. I mean it. Not all of them. The administrative assistant seems totally genuine. Okay, that's one...

No one is suggesting that these groups are paying people to attend town hall meetings. And no one is saying it's bad when conservatives organize. The difference: Organizing for America and Health Care Action Now do not stand to profit from the maintenance of the status quo. The insurance companies, health care providers and drug manufacturers who fund groups like ALA, American Majority, Americans for Prosperity, Conservatives for Patients' Rights etc. DO stand to profit from the maintenance of the status quo. Thus, when they spend money to bus people around the country, not to mention disseminating material designed to ELIMINATE debate, not foster it, then all their arguments seem disingenuous.

We all have a right to free speech. That means you can shout whatever you want, but the moment you start shouting over someone else and depriving them of their right to free speech, that's when activism becomes Un-American. If two or more people act to deprive a third party of their constitutional rights, that is known as a Civil Conspiracy and is a legitimate cause of action in a court of law.


American Liberty Alliance
25 E Washington Ste 1927
Chicago, IL 69618

American Liberty Alliance
4636 Lebanon Road
Hermitage, TN 37076


-John McJunkin, West Regional Field Director


* Conservative radio talk show host on RFC Radio
* "The JunkMan is a life-long conservative with a strong libertarian streak. He engaged in student congress with his high school speech team and served as a legislative intern in the Wyoming state legislature during high school as well. He was an outspoken activist in College Republicans during college, and has become extremely active in conservative politics, particularly from the new media angle, in his home state of Arizona."

-David Yardley, Midwest Regional Field Director


* Political past includes working as Special Events and Projects Manager - Republican Caucus
* former Chief of Staff - Rep. Mike Nofs Republican in MI house of reps

-Truman Bean, Southeast Regional Field Director

* Conservative blogger - As Tennessee’s 2006 senatorial GOP Primary contest began, he joined the blogging community as the primary contributor for Conservatives for Corker.

* Beginning in December of 2008, he became the Tennessee News Platoon State Editor.

-Bill Murphy, Director of Strategic Initiatives

* Also worked at Leadership Institute, "the premier training ground for tomorrow's conservative leaders; Strategic Advocacy
* Was affiliated with

- Sarah Desprat, Administrative Assistant

* Recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award

-Ali Akbar, Technology Consultant

* Republican web/graphic designer, blogger
* Founder of zine eConservative (
* "There's no denying it, Ali Akbar says. When you're half black and half Arab and at the Republican National Convention, "you stand out like a sore thumb.""

-Corrine Williams, Communications


* former Policy Analyst at House Republican Policy Committee
* former Senior Policy Analyst at the American Medical Association
* Former legislative asst. for Congressman Adam Putnam

-Amy Hagerstrom, Director of Operations

* PR Manager, Azure Strategies
* founder of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity
* Worked for Ron Paul campaign

-Allen Fuller, Web Strategy Consultant

* Republican political strategist, blogger, owns Flat Creek
* Designed Tennessee Republican Party page for free (

-Ken Marrero, Director of Grassroots Outreach & Coalitions

* Helped found Don't Go movement (Drill, baby, drill) w/ Odom
* Host of the Don't Go Show at BlogTalkRadio
* Staff Writer, New Media Alliance
* Tea Party organizer

-Eric Odom, Executive Director

* Former Republican political activist, now calls himself independent
* Former employee of Sam Adams Alliance
* Helped found Don't Go movement w/ Marrero
* "One of the three key individuals who worked on the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party effort and I built most of the online infrastructure that made mass collaboration possible for the campaign." (

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David Anderson said...

Great post! One has question the motives behind the American Liberty Alliance online organizing efforts. The group is not a nonprofit like many other grassroots advocacy groups and it makes money by selling advertising space on its websites.